Cyber Security Base - Capture the Flag

The highly anticipated capture the flag competition is here! The goal in the competition is to solve some simple problems related to the material you've studied so far.

You can find the challenges at: The challenges in this CTF come in three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. To unlock a difficulty level one must complete all the challenges in the previous level. What is more, the first person who completes a challenge, gets a his name displayed alongside the challenge. In order to ensure everyone has a fair chance to get the first completion, we're releasing the challenges in batches -- easy challenges are released now, medium challenges tomorrow and hard challenges the day after.

To finish a challenge, find a special code and submit it to the site.

To pass the CTF, you need to complete at least all the easy challenges and at least 80% of the medium challenges. This competition is individual work. Please do not share your solution or spoil the exercise, let's keep the competition fair and fun for everyone! :)

Table of contents

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